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Land Use

Promote local economy based on sustainable forestry

Facilitate municipal forestry, with long range plans.Grow more trees, {especially cedar} and sustainably manage local forests. Promote urban forestry. Develop value-added wood technologies , Bio-mass enrgy and processing facilities that operate in a green manner. Practice "Industrial Ecology", where "waste" or by products from one operation become a resource or fuel for another.


53 votes

Clean Transportation

Utilize "Dutch Style" Road Design/Development

It would be nice to see safer roads that are designed with both the automobile and bicycles in mind. For this, I look towards how the Dutch have designed their roadways to put an equal amount of emphasis on cycling as they do vehicles. This would encourage the use of bicycling as a viable way to travel/commute that is both faster and more importantly safer.

As an example of how this might be accomplished, I would like... more »


50 votes

Green Services

Green job creation

This region can create a sustainable green economy through academic, industry, and local government partnerships. VIU should host programs in business, planning, and engineering that would not only attract young innovative minds to come to (or stay) in this region but to create and sustain viable green businesses. Local citizens, businesses and industry should have local options for pursuing sustainable energy alternatives,... more »


47 votes

Clean Transportation

promote the idea of reducing everyones footprint

Any climate and energy action plan that fails to promote the fastest way to reduce emissions is deficient. The route that needs to be taken first is to reduce everything that we do, including the stuff we buy, the kilometres we drive, the flying miles and the food we eat. These all have to be reduced now, or all the other solutions will be moot. Our first focus should be on reduction which will buy us the most, and I... more »


43 votes

Renewable Energy

decision making for safety of pedestrians and cyclists

whenever decisions regarding transportation routes are being discussed the first questions answered should be: how does this change affect cyclists and pedestrians? what could make it better for them?

example: when the flood abatement program on Trunk Rd. was being considered, did anyone say, "Lets include a safe sidewalk or cycle lane as part of this project"?


41 votes